Executive Director Mani Bruce Mitchell shared their thoughts after watching the video, “Twenty-Five years after starting the intersex advocacy in Aotearoa, this is a proud and historic day. I want to acknowledge and thank all who have been involved in this long journey."

Chair of ITANZ Dr Rogena Sterling has said, "On this day, our community has a chance to be proud. I am thankful of the work Intersex Aotearoa, in particular Mani and Jelly, in working with the government towards this moment. It is a huge move to enhancing the well-being and human rights of intersex people in New Zealand. "

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This Intersex Awareness Day we looked to our wider communities and asked how they plan to support us this year! What will you do to turn up for the rights of those with variations of sex characteristics?

We thank everyone that supported us with this campaign, and for those who stand with us everyday in our fight for bodily autonomy.

Jelly O'Shea


The Intersex Trust Aotearoa now has an ongoing fundraising campaign through a Givealittle page.

ITANZ will utilise the generous funding from donors to...

• Upgrade our dual websites; ITANZ & Intersex Youth Aotearoa in order to reach and educate more people about living with diverse sex characteristics. We also dream about being able to assist those most isolated in our community to find out more about themselves, and guide them to safe spaces of support.

• Continue to develop resources and training materials relevant to Aotearoa.

• Attend relevant national and international hui to raise awareness and to advocate for intersex issues.

• Write and deliver key workshops for schools, health professionals and organisations. Our vision seeks to guide everyone on how they can be a supportive teacher, doctor, friend or whānau to intersex folks.

<3 If you are able to support us financially, thank you! It will make a world of difference, as well as a different world. <3

Tomorrow join Joey and Jelly as they chat about what bodily autonomy and self-determination can mean both for intersex and trans people. We are looking forward to hearing where these spaces and experiences extersect and where they may be different! 11am 25th June.
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Are you intersex? Do you have a variation of sex characteristics? Help the inclusion of intersex in the Census 2023 by engaging with Statistics New Zealand as they test what is the the appropriate language to use.

Statistics NZ are currently testing for the inclusion of intersex/variations of sex characteristics question in the 2023 census!

"We are updating New Zealand’s census form to represent more New Zealanders and to collect information that will give important insights for providers of healthcare and other services."

We haven’t yet got a range of views from people who have a variation in sex characteristics (intersex variation), and this is really important to us that we gather this feedback. The feedback we ask for is your opinion, for example, whether the question wording is clear to you, whether the answer options are suitable for you. If you do/might have a variation in sex characteristics, we’d like to gather your feedback in a way that would suit you: by email, phone, video or in person.

Contact: SurveyTestingSharedMailbox@stats.govt.nz if you have an intersex/variation of sex characteristics. As koha, Stats NZ will post you a $50 MTA/petrol voucher or supermarket voucher.

Stats NZ’s request for feedback

What we are looking to do?

Stats NZ is testing a range of sex and gender survey questions, including intersex variation, as in the consultation paper. This is to help determine the guidance we give for collection of these concepts in a range of different surveys of people and the households they live in.

How can you help?

We want to check we’re providing clear information so people can answer an intersex variation question easily. We do need to gather feedback from people that have an intersex variation.

Your contribution helps us deliver a full and nuanced picture of people in Aotearoa New Zealand, so government, support agencies, and our communities are better informed, and can support initiatives and policies for positive change.

What is involved?

Our survey testing involves you completing a draft form, in the presence of an interviewer (in person or video call) who will ask for your feedback on the parts we’re looking to improve e.g. wording. We’re also checking that the design and layout helps people to work through the survey easily from start to finish.

Our survey form is online and paper-based for you to choose your preferred option (the online form doesn’t work on a mobile phone). Note that you need to be at least 15 years old to participate.

 When and where?

We will be testing will continue until 5th February (there might be some flexibility with dates).

We’re happy to meet via a video call, or if you’d like to meet face-to-face, we have offices in Hereford St, Christchurch, and Gilmer Terrace, Wellington.


As a thank you, we’ll give you a supermarket voucher or MTA (petrol) voucher for your time and effort.

How to get involved?

Please get in touch with us at SurveyTestingSharedMailbox@stats.govt.nzif you are interested in being involved.

Kia ora e te whānau! Let’s talk about intersex!

How do you talk about variations in sex characteristics?

How do you talk about the topic of intersex? Most intersex variations / variations in sex characteristics are invisible, but at least 1.7% of people are born with variations that become apparent during childhood or youth. It is likely that everyone knows someone who has a variation, yet this topic is rarely talked about. Someone to talk to / Tīmataia te kōrero is a project that seeks to address the silence around intersex / variations in sex characteristics. This project works beyond silence, focusing on talking, sharing and demystifying a commonly misunderstood topic.

Follow this link to take part in the survey Someone to talk to / Tīmataia te kōrero; designed in collaboration between the Intersex Trust of Aotearoa / New Zealand, Gender Minorities Aotearoa, and researchers at the University of Waikato. The survey is for people who are intersex or have a variation in sex characteristics, and their friends, relatives, and significant others. It will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete. You will find more information by following the survey link.