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Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand
P.O. BOX 9196
Marion Square
Wellington 6141
New Zealand

Qanta’s Media Awards best Documentary Mani’s Story Available from Greenstone Pictures.

Black and White photographic book Assume Nothing by Internationally acclaimed New Zealand photographer Rebecca Swan.

Documentary film Black and White produced and directed by Kirsty McDonald.  Women Make Movies

BLACK AND WHITE is a rare and wonderful look into the life of an intersex person, bringing a human face to an issue most people never even think about.
Mo Ratel, The Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Heartfelt and candid…If you seize one voice to articulate the perils and possibilities of the in-between, it ought to be Mitchell’s testimony.”
Amy Villarejo, Dir., Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Cornell Univ.

An assured and compelling work…manages to combine real insight into a difficult life while retaining a sense of optimism, humor and community.”
Annie Goldson, PhD (Trustee DOCNZ Festival).