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The Arcus Foundation intersex Forum – intersex activists from around the world.

To all our friends and visitors to this web site greetings. If you are a regular visitor I apologise for the lack of new content. Last year was one of those ‘hard ones’ for me, I had to battle with some pretty significant health issues. I plan to talk more about these things in another […]

Intersex day poster 2015

Monday October 26th is another Intersex Awareness Day, and thanks to various people, including Pidge it is going to be bigger and brighter than previous years! This year the Intersex Trust of Aotearoa New Zealand (ITANZ) will join activists around the globe to take part in the Intersex Awareness Day Twitterstorm. Our community members, family, friends […]

Arlene Baratz MD

Parental choice on normalising cosmetic genital surgery A wonderful  response to the BMJ article, thank you Arlene. It would be my dream that all parents get to read this before they start making decisions on behalf of their intersex child. -Mani. In response to: British Medical Journal article Normalising cosmetic genital surgery, BMJ 2015;351:h5124 […]

Put in the Night

The Free & Equal Global Film Series is a collection of documentaries and narrative films that explore the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in different parts of the world. Films included in the series are available to UN offices for non-commercial screenings and educational purposes. The Global Film Series is part […]

The UN Office of the Human Rights Commissioner has released an intersex fact sheet as part of its Free&Equal campaign, and as part of the worldwide movement to recognise the human rights of people with intersex variations. The first of its kind by the UN, the fact sheet explains what ‘intersex’ means, noting its distinction […]

Groundbreaking research Mani and Dame Margaret Sparrow were guests at a very special presentation by 4th year medical students at Otago University. They presented a groundbreaking piece of research looking at the experience of takatapui in the health care system. Ti Whanawhana collaborated with the students in this piece of research.   This work  gives […]

Persecution of civil society, migration crisis top concerns of UN human rights chief 14 September 2015 – An “exhausted and angry” High Commissioner for Human Rights today opened the 30th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council with a wide-ranging address in which he singled out countries by name for their role in accelerating […]

Group activities included jenga

ITANZ at the inaugural ‘Show and Tell’ event. Held at the National Library, over 30 groups were represented. The theme of the event was ‘Queer History in the Making’. Celebrating queer history, the diversity of our communities, and our contribution to New Zealand. A unique event for Wellington’s queer, LGBTIFFTQ and rainbow community organisations, sharing […]

Mani at conference

ITANZ has recently been in Australia to attend the LGBTI Health Alliance Conference. Held from Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 August 2015, the conference brought together community members, community organisations large and small, health practitioners, researchers, academics, policy makers, advocates, and others who are interested in improving the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of LGBTI people. […]