Support the inclusion of intersex/’variations of sex characteristics’ in the 2023 Census!

Are you intersex? Do you have a variation of sex characteristics? Help the inclusion of intersex in the Census 2023 by engaging with Statistics New Zealand as they test what is the the appropriate language to use.

Statistics NZ are currently testing for the inclusion of intersex/variations of sex characteristics question in the 2023 census!

"We are updating New Zealand’s census form to represent more New Zealanders and to collect information that will give important insights for providers of healthcare and other services."

We haven’t yet got a range of views from people who have a variation in sex characteristics (intersex variation), and this is really important to us that we gather this feedback. The feedback we ask for is your opinion, for example, whether the question wording is clear to you, whether the answer options are suitable for you. If you do/might have a variation in sex characteristics, we’d like to gather your feedback in a way that would suit you: by email, phone, video or in person.

Contact: if you have an intersex/variation of sex characteristics. As koha, Stats NZ will post you a $50 MTA/petrol voucher or supermarket voucher.