Its been a tough week

Its been a tough week for many in our community

Lots of us know about hate.
In many and complicated ways.

Sometimes in our families.
Sometimes at school.
Sometimes at church.
The local gym
Our communities.
Other places and people.

Sometimes random strangers who attack for no other reason than they see our difference.
The hate comes in many forms - words - sometimes general and sometimes highly personal.

Violent assault. ..and last week mass murder.

Its time to be really gentle.
To remind us just how amazing, unique and beautiful we are.

To tell ourselves and those we love how precious and important they are.
To call the hate out - for what it is, hate.
To tell ourselves our friends it's NEVER okay.

Find people to talk to.
Do the things Glass heartthat help you feel stronger - safe.
Spend time with people you feel comfortable with.
If its real bad - reach out for help.
And keep going till you find some one who understands.


Together we can make a difference.

Mani B Mitchell