Human Rights Commissioner releases intersex fact sheet

The UN Office of the Human Rights Commissioner has released an intersex fact sheet as part of its Free&Equal campaign, and as part of the worldwide movement to recognise the human rights of people with intersex variations.

datauri-file(14)The first of its kind by the UN, the fact sheet explains what ‘intersex’ means, noting its distinction from sexual orientation and gender identity. It highlights the stigma and human rights violations that are often faced by people with intersex variations. It also includes a number of action points for member states, the media and institutions.

The intersex fact sheet encourages everyone to make a difference:

  • Speak out when you see any form of discrimination or violence against intersex people.
  • Ensure that educators are trained to respect and provide equal treatment to intersex people.
  • Remember that intersex people may have any sexual orientation and gender identity.

Organisation Intersex International (Oii) Australia President, Morgan Carpenter, describes it as

a short, well-balanced and informative document that details the human rights violations faced by intersex people... The action points provide a very useful benchmark for work on intersex human rights and health issues.”

If you are looking for ways to be more supportive of all LGBTI people, and or more information about intersex rights and the responsibilities of government… check out the Free&Equal campaign.

If you’re looking for some more resources about what creating inclusive school environments, check out the resources page of the Australian Safe Schools Coalition.

New Zealand's own documentary intersexion is part of the resource kit and we will be highlighting it and explaining how to film viewings in the next post.