sallygrossIn memory of Sally Gross ISSA (Intersex Society of South Africa).

It is with much sadness I report the tragic news of the untimely death of intersex pioneer, activist Sally Gross of South Africa.

I first met Sally at a retreat organised by Max Beck in America in 1997. At the time Sally was living in England and returned not long after to the country of herm birth place.

Sally was gentle with a huge heart, had a wonderful sense of humour, was quietly determined. She was successful in achieving legal recognition of intersex in South Africa.

Sally was an open and out intersex person, fierce about her desire for change. She spoke with great candidness about her life and its many challenges.

She is one of the stars of the internationally acclaimed documentary intersexion. She was a friend, a mentor, a person I respected a great deal.

We last spent time together at the first ilga organised and funded world forum in Brussels in 2011. We spoke to each other often on skype.

Sally I will miss you, I mourn your passing.  Planet earth has lost a true treasure.

Mani B Mitchell

See the gofundme update.

Kia ora everyone

Welcome to our new web site!

This is an exciting time for ITANZ and for intersexawareness work all over planet earth.

Before you get into the new web site some thanks – huge one to Ant, who built and looked after our original site for almost a decade.. Ant and his partner Drew are the reason I stayed doing this work and I am hugely grateful to the awhi, support, and belief they gave me during a critical time.

Jeanette, thank you! Our new web manager and the person who found, and then worked with Dave who has built this web site.

We look forward to bringing you regular new content, news, thinking and information.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

Mani B Mitchell (ITANZ)

I have just arrived back in New Zealand having attended the third intersex forum in Malta.

It is has been an amazing and memorable trip, there is much to reflect on and I have lots of writing to do.

I am breaking my holiday silence however to talk about the sad news I received hours before leaving San Francisco:  Long time ITANZ supporter and friend Colin Benson has died.

Colin came into my and ITANZ life in the early days when I purchased my first computer,

Colin a gentle, wise man with a wonderful sense of humour patiently guided me through some very steep learning. He removed viruses that had infected my computer and basically taught me most of what I know about computers.

colin benson 2 2014Once he learned about ITANZ and our work he never charged me for his time. Over the years we are talking about many, many tens of hours.

Colin Benson thank you. I am still in shock adjusting to this loss.

I will miss you a great deal.

To Jen your partner and your family we send our sympathy our thoughts are with you all.